Monday, March 21, 2016

this is a bad photo of me. We call our tether miss walls the boy be side me is Luke we have 26 people in our class we have a class treaty we cat out hands and color them in then miss walls sticks them on the wall I go to awapuni school. hope you like my post.        
hay this is Killian again I will give a jock this time don't look at a astir can I trust you okay what do you call you cool. I have a PS 2 you don't know what that is do you no they do not make them any  more that is how old they are but we have you in  


sup my name is Killian the great. You already know that because you wood of read my name at the top. I am a boy not a girl people think I am a girl because I have a malt  if you don;t know what it is short hair at the front long hair at the back that is what a malt is. I have broke two of my fingers in a video on you tube I am not going to tell you the name. I have 5 siblings and I am a knuckle I was born 2006. I have a X box